The Bioinformatics Grand Challenge Eduthon

  1. Introduction

We are excited to invite you to partake in the Bioinformatics Grand Challenge Eduthon to be conducted in hybrid mode (in-person or virtually) during the 1st Colloquium on Bioinformatics, Learning Education and Training (CoBLET) 2022,  which will be held from 11th to 14th October 2022 at the Beykoz Institute of Life Sciences and Biotechnology, Istanbul, Turkiye. COBLET2022 is organised in conjunction with the 11th GOBLET AGM2022 (

  1. Background

Bioinformatics is almost 50 years old and it has yet to reach its full potential. The field has evolved in parallel to advances in computing and basic sciences. For academicians, it has always remained a challenge on the best methods and pedagogy to educate and train the upcoming generation of bioinformaticians and life scientists.

The Bioinformatics Grand Challenge Eduthon is a unique opportunity to propose solutions for the grand challenges plaguing bioinformatics education and training and help chart the path for a sustainable future.

  1. Who can join?

Academicians, students, researchers interested in taking a dive in proposing solutions to bioinformatics education grand challenges.

  1. How does it work?
  • The team

Form a team of 3-5 members* and register. Our scientific committee comprised of bioinformatics experts will evaluate your eligibility based on a set of answers to questions in the registration form.

*In case you are unable to form a team prior to registration, please do still submit your registration and we will try to pair you up with others, but no promises.

  • The process
  1. The Eduthon will take place during the CoBLET2022 event.
  2. The Eduthon will adopt a problem-based learning (PBL) format.
  3. In your registration form, please indicate the grand challenge area of interest. We allow ONE category per team due to limited time as the teams will only be able to work on this during the first two-days of the event. See the tentative programme here:
  4. On the first day of the event, you will be provided with a problem statement for each category, which you are to address for the category that you had selected while registering for the Eduthon.
  5. In case you want to change your category of choice, please inform the organisers (;
  6. Please see the programme on the time allocated for you to work on the challenge.
  7. Present your solution in the most innovative way on the second day of the event (see the programme).
  8. Our panel of judges will evaluate your proposed solutions.
  9. Results will be announced as soon as possible.
  • The environment

This is a hybrid event. It will be held both in-person and virtually. In-person teams join us at Beykoz Institute of Life Sciences and Biotechnology, Beykoz, Istanbul, Turkiye. Virtual teams will connect via Zoom platform.

Lunch and tea are provided for in-person participants.

  1. Why should I join?

The Eduthon provides an excellent opportunity to work together with like-minded peers and share your engaging and creative solutions to the Grand Challenge with experts. In addition, the top three (3) most innovative implementable solutions will be awarded with cash prizes and certificates.

  1. Awards for the Eduthon (Sponsored by CS&S and CZI):

First Prize           $150

Second Prize     $100

Third Prize          $ 50


Register here!

The Bioinformatics Grand Challenge Eduthon Winners

1. Prashanth N Suravajhala - Nishat Tamanna

2. Ashish Kumar Agrahari - Prabhu Natarajan

2. Chahnez Naccache