Unite, inspire and equip bioinformatics trainers and training organizers worldwide

GOBLET, the Global Organization for Bioinformatics Learning, Education & Training is a not-for-profit Foundation, established in 2012, to harmonize bioinformatics training activities worldwide. Its members (ranging from national and international societies, networks and research institutes, to individual researchers, instructors, and students) work together to cultivate the global bioinformatics trainer community, set standards, share best practices, and provide high-quality resources to support learning, education and training. GOBLET’s vision is to unite, inspire and equip bioinformatics trainers worldwide. GOBLET activities are undertaken by GOBLET members together with other members of the global bioinformatics trainer community.

Examples of these activities are:

  • The publication of Professional Guides, Practical Guides and Critical Guides: short, comprehensive guides, freely available for all
  • Co-organising the global Bioinformatics Education Summit (4th edition was held in 2022), that is a working meeting over several time zones, where the trainer community works together in progressing the field of bioinformatics training and education
  • Organizing a yearly Annual General Meeting (AGM), always combined with a Symposium and/or flanking workshops relevant for bioinformatics trainers and training organizers
  • Maintaining a community-curated compendium of Resources and Documentation relevant for bioinformatics trainers and training organizers that can be accessed on the GOBLET website

Do you want to know more?

If you are interested to hear more about GOBLET, its members and its activities, and you want to contribute to GOBLET’s activities please contact us;

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