Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is there any funding such as travel grants available for participants in CoBLET?

Yes. Microgrants are available. Please check out our page.

2.How can I register for the CoBLET?

For detailed information please go to the link: :

3. Is there any registration fee?

CoBLET2022 is completely FREE!

4. What are the deadlines for registration?

Please visit the the following link

5. What is the deadline for abstract submission?

The deadline is 30.08.2022 for abstract submission.

6. What are the categories that I can submit my abstract?

The submissions are accepted for poster presentations, short talks and workshops. For detailed information please go to the link:

7. How can I submit my abstract ?

For detailed information please go to the link:

8. Can I apply for multiple categories ?

Yes, you need to submit your abstracts in each of the categories separately that you want to apply to. You can indicate your categories on the Registration form also

9. What are the topics that I can submit my abstract?

For detailed information please go to the link:

10. Are you providing an attendance certificate of participation?

Yes. A certificate of participation will be provided for all participants. Additionally, if you're also a presenter, a separate certificate of presentation in your category or categories will be provided.

11. Do I need to attend CoBLET on all the days to get the certificate of participation?

It is essential to participate on all the days. Attendance will be recorded for all participants. In case of virtual participants, 3 days of the event are compulsory to attend. For in-person participants, an attendance sheet will be circulated during the event.

12.Is there any award for selected posters, short talks and workshops?

Yes. Our panel of judges will decide on the winners for each category.

13. Where can I go for further information?

For detailed information please go to the link:

14.Is there any special requirement for virtual participants?

A good internet connectivity is required for uninterrupted streaming. Zoom application should be installed locally on your device. Please contact us if you have technical difficulties in participating in virtual sessions.

15.Will food be provided for the duration of CoBLET2022?

Yes. Lunch and coffee/tea will be provided for in-person participants during the event (11th-14th October, 2022).

16.Is there any restriction to attend all the keynote talks, poster presentations, short talks and workshops online?

No. All the sections will be available for all kinds of attendees either virtual or physical. The event will be live broadcast on our YouTube channel and on Zoom platform using the link provided.

17. Can physical attendees access the virtual sessions?

In-person attendees can attend all virtual sessions also.

18.Is Wifi freely available for in-person participants?

Yes. Wifi is freely available for all in-person participants at the venue. Please check out the “ABOUT/Information” section on our website.

19.Do I need to get a COVID-19 test for traveling to Turkiye?

Although COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted in Turkiye, please follow your country’s policies when traveling to and returning from Türkiye.

20.Will the recordings of the conference be available after the conference?

Yes. All session recordings will be available on our Youtube Channel

21. How do I get an invitation letter to apply for visa?

Once your abstract has been accepted and you have confirmed that you will attend the CoBLET 2022 physically, an invitation letter will be sent to you via email. Please ensure that we have the correct email address.

22. Is my abstract going to be published?

Yes, it will be published in the conference collection of F1000 Research.

23.What is the language of communication during CoBLET2022?

English is the major language of communication. However, you can attend all the scientific sessions via Zoom where closed-captioning and subtitles in 9-languages are available for non-native English speakers.

24. How do the event organizers intend to handle participants with special needs?

Please inform us about your special needs requirements prior to traveling so that we can facilitate you. For more information check out the “ABOUT/General Information” section on our website.

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